The Brainless Foundation
Life is more fun without the right to vote. The Brainless Foundation offers you the possibility to permanently renounce your voting rights. You can do this by signing the Exemption Agreement. Your life will become more care-free and you’ll have even more time to do fun stuff! Whatever you do, don’t vote on June 10th 2004, the day of the European parliamentary elections.

Is The Brainless Foundation against the right to vote?
Yes. When you leave the thinking to others, everything will come up roses. The Brainless Foundation believes that the right to have fun is more important than the right to vote. People who vote have less time for fun. That is why the Brainless Foundation wants as many people as possible to sign the exemption agreement.

Does The Brainless Foundation use tax-payer’s money for its nationwide campaign?
No. The Brainless Foundation is a grassroots initiative that doesn’t receive funding from the government or the EU. The campaign has been made possible by companies that have donated free media space.

How much did this campaign cost?
Approximately € 760.000

Does the Brainless Foundation make a profit?
No. The Brainless Foundation is a non-profit organization. Co-workers do not receive salaries or restitution for expenses. The Foundation works exclusively with fun-loving volunteers.

What is the political affiliation of the Brainless Foundation?
The Brainless Foundation is an independent organization committed to the practice of fungagement, fun maximization and bourgeois consumerism.

What does the the Brainless Foundation think of Europe?
If as many people as possible sign the Exemption Agreement, Europe will become the biggest amusement park in the world.

What does The Brainless Foundation regard as ‘fun’?
Fun is what makes life more care-free: blowing bubbles, eating crostinis, going to the beach on june 10th, sipping rosé and frolicking with pink poodles. Basically, everything except voting. Please sign the Exemption Agreement.

Since the campaign kicked off on 25 May, 2004, it has received a steady flow of free publicity from television networks, radio stations, newspapers and magazines. The website is well noted, controversial, and there is no shortage of word of mouth.

The Brainless forum has become a thriving arena for fungagement and hard-talk between people from all ranges of the political spectrum, ranging from anarchists to conservatives, a place for lively discussions about the crucial democratic question: to vote or not to vote?

Young people in particular are triggered to consider what the right to vote means by the provocative stance and campy look and feel of the campaign. Because youngsters do not always understand the irony, this often leads to indignation: “I’m going to vote to get you guys out of business!!” Reverse psychology is the core principle of this campaign.

Client: Willem Sijthoff, Pam Evenhuis (Stemmen voor Europa). Agencies: FHV/BBDO, Lowe, Publicis. Director: Daan Hocks (Bäst Films). Producer: Menno Koop (Bäst Films). Photography: Jeroen W. Mantel. Styling: Kik Scheele. Web design: Bert van den Bosch, Hajo de Boer. Music: Massive Music. Strategy / Concept / Art Direction: Wencke van Amstel. Strategy / Concept / Copy: Olaf Zwetsloot.

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