The political dating site operated from the premise that the mind is the most erogenous zone of the human body and that by matching minds, fertile relationships would evolve.

What you think, the ideas you have, your opinions about society and the world, reveal so much more about you than, say, that you like music and a good glass of wine.

To become a member of Crazylove, you had to fill in a questionnaire that determined your stance on subjects like nuclear energy, the death penalty, the war in Irak, meat eating, free market capitalism, the welfare state, et cetera.

With every match, the software would also create a so-called ‘crazy match’, coupling you with someone from the opposite side of the political spectrum.

Concept / Art direction / Webdesign: Wencke van Amstel. Concept / Copy: Olaf Zwetsloot. Client: Jaap Spreeuwenberg, Farid Tabarki (Coolpolitics). Website and technical realization: Bram Opdam, Hidde Braun, Isaac Huijink (Driebit). Sponsors: Boomerang, Pound Wise.

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