legalbylegal is a company specialized in sourcing legal people for organizations. I had the honor to write their mission statement as well as copy for their new website.

legalbylegal supplies organizations with their daily legal necessities. For us, legal affairs are no rocket science. We feel no need to act mysteriously or overly ceremonious about our work – or to complicate things for no reason. On the contrary, our professionals see sound legal support as a common, everyday product that should be easy to use. That’s why we make high-value knowledge easily accessible, regardless of how complex matters are.

Through our comprehensive range of services, we offer our professionals a challenging workplace, while making high-value knowledge easily accessible for our clients. This is how we give organizations the solid legal support necessary for them to successfully go about their core business.

Challenge us.

Core values
We know the beaten tracks. When facing the unknown, we’ll pick up the gauntlet. That’s how we capitalize on opportunities for our clients. A problem is nothing, nothing but an occasion for a solution.

By looking at what is in different ways, we’ll realize higher yields. This insight key to our entrepreneurship.

The quality of our services lies to an important extent in their accessibility. By eliminating barriers and thresholds, we share our knowledge with both professionals and clients – and vice versa. For knowledge is reciprocal and evolves through collaboration and cross-pollination.

Client: legalbylegal – Martijn Lauxtermann, Paul Plantenga. Strategy and copy: Olaf Zwetsloot.

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